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Choose any entree based on your budget and we do the rest. 


my Story

My name is Andrea Stewart owner and founder of Drea’s Kitchen, located in South Florida. Born and raised in Wilmington, St Thomas Jamaica. I was always in the kitchen next to my grandmother who taught me all the trades of making those mouth watering delicious meals. She didn’t just cook, she cooked with love and authenticity. She didn’t measure but just knew the exact potion. The meal would always be perfectly seasoned. Everyone would say “your hands are blessed, seasoned hands” That’s how it started for me. 

Migrating to South Florida where there is a melting pot of different cultures, I was always interested in not just mastering my Jamaican cuisines but exploring World of Tasty dishes.

 My kitchen is where I express my passion for cooking with my flavored hands , and my love for music : Gospel to start my day then moving into some R&B and some sweet reggae makes a perfect combination for amazing food preparation. Your experience at Drea’s kitchen would definitely be “Love at first bite “ 

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